Connection with government institutions and organizations

Within the scope of the Czech-Turkish market, ČTSOK established a strong connection with the professional and trade chambers, investment-support-promotion offices and ministries operating in the Czech Republic and Turkey


ČTSOK is operating in Prague and Istanbul and it is one of the leading organizations in Business Development consultancy between Czech and Turkey and making business expansion happen.

Native speakers advantanges

Working together with Czech and Turkish speaking specialists who can understand the language differences. ČTSOK gives you opportunity to present your needs in your own language with no barriers in communication with your future partners.

Experience in diverse industries

ČTSOK support companies from many different industries that expands our specialization to unlimited borders.

Business Cultural Guidance

ČTSOK's experts know political, cultural and social differences between two countries, assisting expanding companies with understanding the local market and minimizing cultural problems and improving mindset of global business.

Why you should become a member?


Our Chamber; Six times per year publishes newsletter which covers actual topics of Czech-Turkish business relations
Two times per year shares summary of relevant information about legal, tax and accounting environment, that is relevant for Czech-Turkish business cooperation (to be e-mailed exclusively to our members)
Shares regular surveys containing various types of economic, political, statistical and other information related to doing business in Czech Republic and in Republic of Turkey


Networking services for business contacts and business opportunities in Czech Republic and in Republic of Turkey for a discounted service fee
Close cooperation with embassies and central government authorities in both countries
Four hours per year of research services for free Reduced hourly rate for other business services provided by our Chamber


Favourable conditions for purchasing advertising space in our Chamber´s newsletter, website or during networking events held by our Chamber
Up to two times per year publishing on Chamber´s website for free news about members or invitations for events held by members
Publishing for free an introductory article in our Chamber´s newsletter about a new member


In case of interest, opportunity to ensure business meetings between Czech and Turkish entrepreneurs (one time per year in Czech Republic and in Republic of Turkey)
Opportunity to meet with other members at events organized by our Chamber (workshops, general assembly and others)

How to become a member?

CTSOK membership makes you part of a business community that shares different background but the common aim :
To develop a strong relationship both economically and socially between Turkey and Czech Republic.

Please download and complete our Member Application Form and send it to

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