“Business Opportunities in MIKTA Countries” seminar
The Chamber has a new member – CROSS Zlín, a.s.

Chamber attended MIKTA seminar

On 22 November 2017, the Chamber’s member of board and business development manager Mr. Yalın Yüregil and business development specialist Miss Melis Özcan attended “Business Opportunities in MIKTA Countries” seminar organized by MIKTA (Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey and Australia) countries’ ambassadors and in the cooperation with Mr. Martin Tlapa, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Starting with the opening speech by Deputy Minister Mr. Martin Tlapa and the Term President Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Mr Ahmet Necati Bigalı, the seminar continued with the presentations of member countries on the investment opportunities in their countries and their economy. For the attendees, it was such a great opportunity to meet with authorities and discuss their investment ideas face-to-face.

MIKTA “New Innovative Partnership” is founded by the diverse cultures and regions aiming to serve as a cross-regional consultative platform to find common grounds for cooperation and play bridge role between developed and developing countries.

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