General Assembly

The Chamber has a new member – Vudce Quality Systems s.r.o

Such a pleasure to announce a new member of the Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce –  Vudce Quality Systems s.r.o has become part of our Czech-Turkish family.

Who is Vůdce?
Vůdce Quality Systems s.r.o. is a consulting firm based in Prague with an experienced consultant. The company services a wide range of businesses by offering consulting and reporting in the areas of Environmental, Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint, Green Deal Quality, Health, Safety, Training, Laboratory Analyze Evaluating Solutions (see products and services section for description) Vůdce Quality Systems s.r.o. intends to grow through solid customer service, a great sales plan, proven competitive strategies and a group of people that bring dynamic energy to the company and sales process. The goals for this business plan are displaying financial forecast for Vůdce Quality Systems s.r.o.and obtaining residence permit for stakeholders.
Vůdce Mission
In the business areas we serve: in a win-win approach with all companies, institutions and individuals, respecting the individual and society, adhering to law, economic and moral principles. It will take our company and all the institutions, organizations and businesses we cooperate forward in every subject. To ensure that our services in our service areas and requested are implemented in the best way. To ensure that all our customers are informed in the best possible way about the EU legislations related to Environment, Occupational Health and Green Deal. To identify environmental problems in companies and to make improvements in environment-related processes. To create strong collaborations by providing Personal Development services, enabling the employees to understand each other better.
Why is Vůdce here?

Vůdce Quality Systems s.r.o. provides training and consulting in the following areas:

1. Carbon Footprint Expertise and Reporting
2. Green House Gases Expertise and Reporting
3. Green Deal and Environmental Legislation
4. Industrial Facility Compliance Audits, Permit Compliance
5. Waste Water Input & Output Evaluation
6. Environment Laboratory Management
7. Technical Assistance
8. Research & Development
9. Water Reuse
10. Energy Management System, Energy Saving & Optimization, Energy

For more information about Vůdce Quality Systems s.r.o.
+420 777 837 661 / +90 (533) 495 97 70